1. The sideways universe is a legitimate parallel universe created by Jughead going off. As each castaway is “awakened” in the sideways universe, they become who they had been before, just in a new context where they can reconnect and live together with the one they loved, happily ever after.

2. Smoke Locke was going to escape the island by moving his consciousness into sideways Locke. While operating, Jack is awakened, realizes what is happening, and must kill the Locke he is operating on. (Thanks, Lauren!)

3. HURLEY: You made a great Number 2.
BEN: Thanks, you were a great Number 1.
HURLEY: I mean, up until you killed me and took over the island.
BEN: Yeah….

4. Lapidus, in his walkie-talkie tossing mania, takes off before Sawyer and crew get to the plane. The plane soars into the air… and the backup bomb Widmore put in it goes off. Hurley later changes the rules and Sawyer and everyone else is able to leave the island another way.

5. In the sideways universe, Jack’s son ends up being the Man in Black. Jack can’t kill him. Ben does.