I DJ at an 80s Night (80s Dance Night DC). I take requests. Sometimes a request is clearly not decade appropriate. Like Beyoncé. Or Skrillex. Other times… it’s not so obvious. Maybe the artist had hits in the 80s, but just not the song being requested. Maybe the requestor first heard the song in the 80s or in an 80s movie but it was really released decades earlier. Maybe the album it’s from straddles the decade and I’m just an insane nit-picker.

Here are the top 5 80s songs that aren’t…

5. I Wanna be Sedated, The Ramones

So many requests for this song from 1979. A music video wasn’t made until 1988, so that’s probably where the confusion comes from.

4. Heart of Glass, Blondie

Love, love, LOVE this song from 1978. A lot of great late-70s Blondie gets requested.

3. Birdhouse in your Soul, They Might Be Giants

Don’t let anyone tell you different, the album Flood came out in 1990.

2. Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode

Personal Jesus was released in 1989 ahead of the album Violator (and this second single) in 1990, hence the mixup.

1. Rock Lobster, The B-52’s

Other songs off their debut album weren’t big until 1980, but this single first hit in 1978.

So, am I too much of a stickler? What other songs do you know that have been confused for he wrong decade?

For the record, I will play the 70s ones… if asked nice enough. But not the 90s. Never the 90s. 😉