Ten years ago, I was looking for something. I needed to find a creative outlet. My friends and I had been running a mildly successful website and on September 13, 2007, I added a webcomic.

It started with a joke I’d been telling friends for the previous ten years. I figured if I didn’t tell it here, I’d never tell it anywhere. And from there… it just grew. Characters introduced themselves to me. I didn’t feel I was writing them. They came to me as fully formed individuals. With things to say. So many things to say.

On January 25th, 2008 I was introduced to a purple pygmy panda bear. On April 11th, I found put his name was Pinder. We became fast friends and he has lived in my head ever since.

Ten years later, my output has slowed. And I haven’t been to a comic book convention in a while. I know I don’t tend to the strip like I should. But it is still a fertile garden where my every dream can grow.

Thank you all for reading.