So… here’s the deal. I want to get a book collection done by NYCC. And, in order to make it a book worth buying, I want to go back and color all the old black and white strips that are going to be in it. The problem is… I’m finding it impossible to find the time to do that and keep up the two strips a week. So, for the next few weeks, Ed Contradictory is going back to a once a week publishing schedule. We’ll update every Monday with a new comic, but there’ll also be some articles and other things that get posted the rest of the week. If I find the time in a given week, I’ll even do two strips, I just can’t promise it for the next few weeks. But once the old strips are recolored, back to twice weekly.

I know I should have a backlog of strips so this doesn’t happen, but I lost my buffer during the last weeks leading up to my wedding.

And here’s an old strip re-colored, just so you know I’m not slacking: