“Pandas Love Trampolines!” collects the first three years of this webcomic! This 102 page trade paperback includes many things not available online, including original art and all the original black and white strips in full-color for the first time!

Official “Pinder the Panda Bear Tour ’85” t-shirts are now available! Let everyone know you were there when Pinder took the stage, keytar in hand, to perform such hits as “Waffle Cone” and “Tiny Monsters (Tiny Doors)”!


Art Prints
Any webcomic can be ordered as an 11 x 14 print!
Popular prints include: I Like Pie!, Magical Booze Fish, and Tiny Doors.

Pinder the Panda Bear&#0153 Posters
Mini-posters of Pinder the Panda Bear™ spouting various catchphrases (collect them all!) are available only at comic conventions.